Simulation Features

Business Setting


Our simulations are create using our 

three dimensional office model from our 

Virtual Office Environment ®.  

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Natural Interface


You navigate through our Virtual Office Environment ® using our SimPhone ® feature that simulations how we communicate in a real business setting.

Cultural Diversity


Our simulations include characters from multiple cultures, including business scenarios which will develop your cultural awareness when working in different cultural settings.

Virtual Environment


We have integrated a virtual setting into our scenarios.  This includes dealing with cultural communication and decision making challenges from a distance.

Typical Business Characters


In addition to cultural diversity, we have created characters with a array of personalities similar to those your would experience in your own work environment.

Comprehensive Feedback


You will receive two types of feedback, follow-up scenarios based on your decision, and a comprehensive report based on the learning principles associated with the scenarios.

Virtual Project Team Meeting

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